SEED2016 – the 1st edition of conference

The first edition of the International Conference on the Sustainable Energy and Environmental Development was held in the Centre of Energy at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow in the period of 17 – 19 May 2016 and was one of main events associating the celebrations of the 4th Sustainable Energy Week at the AGH UST.

The organizers hosted over 150 participants from 13 varied countries (England, Austria, Czech Republic, Iraq, Ireland, Lithuania, Germany, Norway, Poland, Republic of South Africa, Turkey and Italy) representing 23 scientific and research institutions. The participants presented effects of their research in the area of sustainable development, cogeneration, fuel cells, environment protection and wastes management, sustainable urban architecture, levels of pollution from transportation, possibilities to reduce the emission of exhausts from transportation, energy production with an application renewable and non-renewable energy sources and nuclear energy.

The hosts of the SEED2016 Conference were honoured by the presence of guests of high range as: prof. Bartłomiej Głowacki and dr Rumen Tomov (University of Cambridge), prof. Louis Jestin (University of Cape Town), prof. Józef M. Pacyna (Norwegian Institute for Air Research), prof. Wacław Gudowski (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), prof. Wojciech Nowak (AGH University of Science and Technology) and dr Andreas Ortwein (Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gemeinnützige GmbH).

The conference was solemnly opened by the dean of the Faculty of Energy and Fuels (AGH-UST) – prof. Wojciech Suwała, by the chairman of the SEED Conference Scientific Committee – prof. Mariusz Filipowicz and by the chairman of the SEED Conference Organizing Committee – prof. Tadeusz Olkuski. Subsequently, the invited speakers were performed their lectures: prof. Wojciech Nowak (Future of the power energy), prof. Józef M. Pacyna (Can combustion of fossil fuels be sustainable in the environmental and human health context?), dr Andreas Ortwein (Combined heat and power systems for the provision of sustainable energy from biomass in building) and prof. Louis Jestin (Opportunities and challenges in the South African power industry during transition). The first plenary session “Energy” was equally interesting, during which i.e. Marcin Bartosik (representing the EDF Poland Company – Diamond Sponsor of the SEED2016 Conference), prof. Barłomiej Głowacki and dr Rumen Tomov presented their research. The conference included 14 plenary and 2 poster sessions. Moreover, 118 lectures and 84 posters were performed.

During the conference the competition for the best oral and poster presentation was organized. Andrea Dernbecher from Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gemeinnützige GmbH was the winner of the first category (best oral presentation) and dr Radosław Szczerbowski from Poznan University of technology was the winner of the second category (best poster presentation).

Beyond the scientific part of the SEED2016 Conference, the participants had an opportunity to integrate during two solemn dinners and to get to know better with Krakow city participating in the City Game intentionally organized for the purposes of the conference.

The papers from SEED2016 Conference were published in E3S Web of Conferences – an international journal indexed e.g. in Conference Proceedings Citation Index (Web of Science) and Scopus databases (actually, indexation process is undergoing). The papers are available HERE.

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