SEED2017 – the 2nd edition of conference

The second edition of the International Conference on the Sustainable Energy and Environmental Development was organized on November 14-17 2017 in the Krakow Technology Park. During the 4 conference days 17 plenary sessions, 3 poster sessions, 3 evening meetings and technical visits in industrial facilities of Krakow (Thermal Waste Treatment Plant, Water Powerplant “Dabie” and Heat Powerplant PGE) were held.

208 presentations (77 oral presentations and 131 poster presentations) were delivered by 180 participants – these are the numbers which perfectly reflect the success of the SEED2017 Conference. The participants represented 46 research and R&D units (14 abroad and 32 Polish units) as well as companies from energy and energy-related sectors.

The conference was open during the Opening Gala by Ph.D. Andrzej Razniak (the chairman of the Organizing Committee), Prof. Mariusz Filipowicz (the chairman of the Scientific Committee), Prof. Wojciech Suwała (the Dean of the Faculty of Energy and Fuels, AGH University) and Ph.D. Łukasz Uruski (the representative of the Institute for Sustainable Energy – main organizer of the SEED Conference series). As soon as the SEED2017 Conference was open the invited speakers delivered their presentations during the opening plenary sessions: Ph.D. Evert Bouman from Norwegian Institute for Air Research (lecture titled: Municipal climate and energy strategy – experiences in Polish municipalities), Prof. Witold Brostow from University of North Texas (Protection of thermoelectric materials against effects of thermal cycling), Ph.D. Thomas Salkus from Vilnius University (Impedance spectroscopy of ion-conducting materials for applications in fuel cells) and Prof. Laura Vanoli from University of Cassino and Southern Lazio (Energetic performance of a low-cost PhotoVoltaic/Thermal (PVT) collector with and without thermal insulation). The poster session was the last point of the first day of the SEED 2017 Conference. Afterwards, the participants were transported to the restaurant “Stara Zajezdnia” located at Krakow Kazimierz. The Official Gala Dinner was an opportunity for making new acquaintances, talks and dancing (the live music was provided by a music band Podaj dalej).

The second and third days of the SEED2017 Conference were the days of intensive plenary sessions (conducted pararely in two conference halls) and two poster sessions. The conference was closed on Thursday (16th November) at 17:15 in the mail hall of the Krakow Technology Park. During the closing ceremony Prof. Mariusz Filipowicz, and representatives of the Institute for Sustainable Energy – Ph.D. Katarzyna Szramowiat, Kamila Rzepka and Krzysztof Sornek delivered the awards in categories of best oral presentation (Ph.D. Evert Boumann was a winner) and best poster presentation (Ph.D. Bartosz Ceran and Ph.D. Radosław Szczerbowski from Poznan University of Technology were winners). The special atmosphere during the closing ceremony was created by 1200 lightning bulbs which are the main element of architecture design of the building. The closing ceremony was then transferred to the Coctail Bar Lastriko, where vouchers for bar specials were gifted to every participant. On November 15th the Guest had a possibility to participated in Escape Room competitions.

The last day – November 17th – was a day of technical visits in industrial facilities of Krakow: the Thermal Waste Treatment Plant, the water powerplant Dąbie and heat powerplant.

Articles once submitted by the participants have been published in scientific journals as IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science – open access journal indexed in international publications databases, i.e. Web of Science and Scopus, Energy and Fuels journal (IF = 2.835), Environmental Science and Pollution Research (IF = 2.760), and Przegląd Elektrotechniczny:

We are very grateful for your participation in the second edition of the International Conference on the Sustainable Energy and Environmental Development. We are honored that we hosted so many of scientists from Poland and abroad. You are invited to the next edition od the SEED Conference, which will be held on 16-18 October 2019.

Photo gallery – conference sessions

Photo gallery – Official Gala Dinner

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