Getting there

You can reach Kosciuszko Mound in Krakow by bus, car or by foot.

Geographic Coordinates and GPS

N                              E

50,053929             19,893301 degrees and fractions
50 03,236              19 53,598 degrees, minutes and fractions

Two bus lines stop at the Mound: 100 and 101. Bus 100 leaves for the Mound from Salwator, and 101 leaves from Rondo Grunwaldzkie.

The Mound can also be accessed by foot by walking from Salwator (many bus lines stop there: 109, 209, 229, 239, 249, 259, 269, 409 and tram lines 1, 2, 6) and walking uphill via ul. św. Bronisławy and then al. Waszyngtona.

Anyone wishing to visit the Kościuszko Mound by car or bus: the road access to the Mound is via ul. Księcia Józefa then take a turn into ul. Malczewskiego. Al. Waszyngtona is pedestrian only.