§1. General Provisions

  1. The present Regulations determine the rules of participating in the 3rd International Conference on the Sustainable Energy and Environment Development, here in after referred to as “the Conference”.
  2. The Conference shall be held from October 14 to October 16, 2019 on Kościuszko Mound in Kraków.
  3. The role of the Conference Organizer will be performed by Institute for Sustainable Energy, here in after referred to as “the Organizer”
  4. The registered Person in the Conference System, here in after will be referred to as “the Participant”.
  5. The conference language is English.

§2. Participation in the conference

  1. Participation in the Conference is voluntary.
  2. Only active participation is a guarantee of publication in conference materials, including abstracts in the Book of Abstracts and scientific articles.
  3. Only registered Participants in the Conference System will participate in the Conference.
  4. The Participants who did not fill in the Participant’s data in the Conference System will be removed from the database within 10 days from the date of the request to complete the missing data.
  5. The Participant registering in the conference system declares the way of participation (oral presentation / poster). The final decision regarding the presentation method will be made by the Scientific Committee and the Organizer.
  6. The Organizer provides for the organisation of a poster session, preceded by the so-called Running session, during which each participant will present their poster in the form of a short presentation (2-3 minutes depending on the number of scheduled posters).
  7. The final decision on the presentation method mentioned in the section §2 paragraph 5 belongs to the Scientific Committee and the Organizer.

§3. Registration

  1. By registering in the Conference System, the Participant agrees to the collection, preservation and processing of personal data contained in the registration form, by the Organizers for the purposes of arranging a conference. Details on the type and use of personal data are available on the Privacy Policy bookmark at the conference website. The administrator of personal data is the Institute for Sustainable Energy.
  2. The Organizer provides the following possibilities of participation in the Conference:
    a) Author / Speaker – full fee,
    b) Author / Speaker – reduced fee,
    c) Author / Speaker – one-day participation,
    d) Author / Speaker – additional publication,
    e) An accompanying person.
  3. Detailed information on the participation type, the conference fee and the benefits are available on the Conference Fee bookmark at the conference website.
  4. An accompanying person cannot be a co-author of papers submitted to the Conference.
  5. During the registration process the Participant selects only one of available journals listed in the Registration Form.
  6. The Participant agrees to submit the manuscript describing the subject presented during the Conference, to the journal according with the paragraph 5 of this section.
  7. A registered Participant may cancel the application by writing to the Organizers an e-mail, unless the conference fee has already been paid. If the fee has already been paid, read the Cancellation policy in the section §4.

§4. Conference fee

  1. The person willing to participate in the Conference is obliged to make a payment for participating in the Conference in accordance with the fee rates list and the terms.
  2. The early payment should be made before the May 31, 2019.
  3. The regular conference fee should be paid, to the account provided at the Conference Fee bookmark at the conference website, by the August 15, 2019.
  4. The participation fee can be withdrawn if the resignation is submitted before the July 15, 2019.
  5. After the July 15, 2019, the conference fee cannot be withdrawn.
  6. The already paid conference fee can be transferred to another person at any time without additional costs under the condition of no change in the participation type.
  7. When a change in the participation type is needed the already paid conference fee may be transferred to another person with a necessity for additional payment to compensate the differences in a fee type within 14 days from the Organizer’s notification date.
  8. If participation type change is needed (full fee for a reduced or one-day participation), the already paid conference fee will not be returned after the date indicated in the point 5 in this section.
  9. The registered Participant can obtain the reduced conference fee. The reduced conference fee is available for Participants, who attach a confirmation of the student/PhD student status in the Conference system. The document confirming the student/PhD student status should be in a pdf format.
  10. As a part of a one conference fee, there is a possibility to submit two abstracts. One of the submitted topics must be presented in a form of an oral presentation.
  11. Paying one conference fee allows the Participant to submit only one manuscript. Another manuscript may be submitted after paying an additional fee. Detailed information on the additional publication payment are available on the Conference Fee bookmark at the conference website.

§5. Invoice

  1. If the proforma invoice is required, please select it in the registration form. A proforma invoice will be issued with a 14-day payment period
  2. An electronic version of the invoice will be sent to the Participants on the e-mail address indicated during the registration process within 10 days of registering the payment on the account provided on the Conference Fee bookmark ate the conference website.
  3. A paper version of an invoice will be available at the registration desk during the conference for every Participant.
  4. If the conference fee has been transferred, the invoice is issued to the Person who was initially registered, not to the Participant.

§4. Abstracts

  1. To correctly submit abstract, fill in the appropriate fields in the Conference system.
  2. Abstracts of manuscripts qualified for the presentation during the Conference will be available in the conference materials.
  3. The personal data mentioned in the paragraph 1 of section §3 will be used as described in the paragraph 1 of section §7.
  4. All published abstracts will be containing following information: the authors names, the authors affiliation, corresponding author name and e-mail as well as the acknowledgements.

§7. Conference materials

  1. Abstracts sent during registration process will be collected and published in a form of the Book of Abstracts.
  2. The organizer emphasizes that the Book of Abstracts, referred to in the paragraph 1 of this section, will contain abstracts with the watermark “DRAFT”. This indicates that The Book of Abstracts is not the final version of the Book.
  3. After completion of the Conference and revision of the Participants attendance, an electronic version of Book of Abstracts with the e-ISBN number assigned will be published.
  4. The above emerges from the paragraph 2 of section §2.

§8. Post-conference publications

  1. The conference Participant is obliged to send a conference manuscript through the Conference system by October 15, 2019. After this deadline the Participant voluntarily renounces the publication of an article in the journal indicated during the registration process.
  2. As a part of the Conference, there is a possibility to publish articles in scientific journals listed in the Publications bookmark.
  3. The recommendation procedure of the manuscript submitted by the Participant, to the selected journal and the acceptance of the above-mentioned manuscript for the further course of the proceedings, will be launched under the condition of active participation in the Conference and presentation of the published topic.
  4. During the registration process, the Participant selects only one journal, to which the manuscript describing the topic presented at the conference will be submitted.
  5. The Conference manuscript should be prepared in accordance to the requirements of the journal selected by the Participant during the registration process.
  6. Each journal will be assigned with a so-called Guest Editor, whose responsibility will be the preliminary assessment of the manuscript submitted by the Participant in terms of substantive compliance, scientific and linguistic level as well as the paper originality in accordance with the requirements given by the scientific journal.
  7. The recommendation of conference manuscripts for scientific journals will be based on the following criteria:
    1) The Guest Editor’s opinion, about the manuscript acceptance for the further course of the proceedings or referring the manuscript to another journal.
    2) The Chairman’s evaluation of the presented the paper / poster during the conference session.
    3) The final decision on the recommendation of the manuscript for publication in a given scientific journal will be taken by the members of the Scientific Committee of the Conference.
    4) The Participant will be informed about the submitted manuscript final recommendation to the journal, via e-mail by the end of 31 December 2019.
    5) The Organizer reserves the right to extend the deadline specified in the point 7d section depending on the number of submitted manuscripts.
    6) If the Scientific Committee recommends an article to another journal than was initially indicated by the Participant during the registration process, the Participant will be informed via e-mail about the change of a recommendation and has 14 days to refer to the received decision.
    7) The current status of the manuscript, depending on the stage of the recommendation procedure, will be visible on the Participant’s profile in the conference system.
  8. When the manuscript is recommended for a scientific journal from the JCR list, the Participant is obliged to personally submit the manuscript to the journal in accordance with the editor’s guidelines.
  9. The conference manuscripts will be subject to the publication process in accordance with the rules of the given journal. The final decision about the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript belongs to the Editorial Board of the given journal.
  10. The Organizer is not responsible for the decision-making processes of the Editorial Board of the scientific journal referred to in the paragraph 9 of this section.
  11. All additional payments resulting from the publication process in the journal from the JCR list will be submitted by the Participant independently.
  12. When the manuscript is recommended for the IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, the manuscript will be subject of the following procedure:
    1) The manuscript will be sent to independent reviewers in order to obtain at least two positive reviews.
    2) The reviewer’s identities will remain unknown to the manuscript Authors.
    3) In case of obtaining a negative reviews, the Author will have 14 days to refer to the received decision.
    4) In reference to the point 1 of the paragraph 1 of this section the Organizer reserves the right to only two iterations of the review process.
    5) Only the positively evaluated, by two independent reviewers, manuscripts will be submitted for the further course of the proceedings.
    6) The Organizer undertakes to send all positively evaluated manuscripts to the Editorial Board after the completion of the reviewing process.
    7) The Organizer has no impact on the decision processes of the Editorial Board of the IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science.
    8) The Organizer undertakes to inform the Participants about the current status of their articles in the publication process by e-mail.

§9. The conference schedule

  1. The detailed Conference schedule will include the name and surname of the speaker, the authors affiliation as well as the title of the lecture/poster.
  2. The Organizer reserves the right to include affiliates and / or co-authors in the conference schedule.
  3. The initial Conference schedule will be available in the Schedule bookmark about 1 week prior to the Conference.
  4. If the Participant does not appear at the conference, his name will be deleted from the schedule available on the website and from the electronic abstract book.
  5. After the Conference, at the Participant’s written request, the Organizer can delete personal data from the online schedule.

§10. The way and purposes of communication with SEED conference participants

  1. Audience groups
    1) Conference Participants
    2) Authors and co-authors of articles
    3) Participants registered in the system
    4) Individuals potentially interested in the Conference
  2. The Organizer will contact with the Participants via e-mail to the addresses provided during registration process.
  3. The purpose of the contact
    1) information on abstracts, articles, reviews
    2) organizational matters
    3) information about the upcoming Conference – optional, with the possibility of unsubscribing
  4. Information on future editions of the SEED Conference and other events organized by the Institute for Sustainable Energy.

§11. Final provisions

  1. Contact with the Organizer will only take place by e-mail using the e-mail addresses provided in the Contact bookmark.
  2. The organizer reserves the right to change the content of the regulations at any time prior and following the Conference.